Choosing The Right Turf

Turf laying can seem deceivingly easy on a first thought to some people. It might be believed that the process consists of clearing a bit the surface where you want to lay your turf, buy the turf you want to install, lay it on the cleared surface and enjoy the look of your garden. Truth is, as many other jobs, and this as one of the prime examples, it sounds easier than it is.

First, the patch where you want to install the turf must be cleared accordingly, also considering the type of turf you want to install. Then, when you decide what type of turf you would want, you must also consider the conditions provided by that particular space you just cleared. That is because you need to have turf that would strive in those conditions. If it’s a shady area, you should not consider turf that requires full sun exposure, or if it’s a fully exposed area, forget about turf needing some shade.

Also, consider the quality and moisture of the soil. Choosing the right turf that would suit the existing soil will reduce the maintenance efforts needed to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn.

If you don’t have the experience of choosing the type of turf that would most suit your space, it is better to ask for a professional advise that might save you from additional future expenses.

Proper Turf Installation Sydney

Once the surface is being cleared and you have the right type of grass, the turf laying can be initiated. It is best to install the turf as soon as you have it because that will give the grassroots a better chance to establish themselves in the new environment. The more you wait to install it, the weaker they get.

Also, it is not advisable to leave the purchased turf in the sun before starting the turf laying, as that would make it fade away quite quickly, especially with the conditions in Sydney

When you spread the new grass in your garden, make sure the turf sheets will be perfectly aligned, and there will be no space in between them, and also you need to level the surface, to avoid having any lawn bumps.

The season and weather should also be taken into consideration as turf bedding does not mix well with rain or too cold conditions.

Turf Laying Services Northern Beaches & North Shore

Northern Beaches Tree & Garden Services provides high-quality turf laying services that will transform your exterior into an aesthetically pleasing space. Our experts have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you choose the right turf, properly install it, and provide adequate maintenance.

We can also advise you on choosing and spreading the right fertilizer that will help the healthy growth of your grass.

If you are looking for expert turf laying services, give us a call at 0425 804 830 for a FREE quote for further inquiries. Our services are available Sydney Wide, with frequent interest in Northern Beaches and North Shore areas.

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