Stump Removal Northern Beaches

If you had a tree removed from your property, you will also need a stump removal – stump grinding most recommended. Once a tree has been cut down, it will leave behind a stump that depending on its size, is not only unsightly, but it can also be hazardous and even detrimental to its surroundings.

We know the pride people in the Northern Beaches & North Shore area take in their garden and vegetation on their property, and an unsafe and unattractive stump can be quite an inconvenience. One reason for stump removal is that they take space in your garden that can be used for other plants or lawn, and it can also prove difficult to mow around a stump.

Also if a stump is not being removed, there is a strong chance that new stems will spring from the live stump and its roots. This new stems will not be an inconvenience just for growing in a place where you wanted to remove a tree in the first place, but they will also not develop as strong or healthy as the initial tree.

Another more pressing reason for removing a stump is that it can prove to be a danger to the neighboring trees. A dead stump is liable to root disease, which can infect other healthy trees and plants in its vicinity. Moreover, rotting stumps attract pests that can be dangerous for your garden and even structures on your property.

Stump Grinding Services Sydney – North Shore & Northern Beaches

At Northern Beaches Tree & Garden Services, our professional arborists can apply different methods for stump removal, but we do recommend removing your stump using a stump grinder. The reasons for opting for stump grinding, are because it is the most environmentally safe method to use, safe and efficient.

Our skilled team members can completely and quickly remove the tree stump and the root system through stump grinding, allowing for replanting and reinstatement.

If you need to remove a stump from your property in Sydney, trust our experienced team to get you rid of the unsightly stump and permit a quick re-use of the ground. Though our services are frequently requested in the North Shore and Northern Beaches areas, they are available in other areas of Sydney as well, so don’t miss the opportunity and just check the service areas we cover.

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