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Northern Beaches Tree and Garden Services offer complete tree services in the Castle Cove area, which would help improve or maintain the health and beauty of your trees, provide safety or space on your property that needs to be used for a different purpose and improve the overall look of your property.

We have a team of passionate experts that can help with any aspect of tree services and have the adequate equipment to help them provide the best quality services. This is why if you live in Castle Cove and need help of any nature with your tree or trees, we should be the ones you contact.

Our tree services include:

  • Tree removal and cutting
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding

Land clearing

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Tree Cutting and Tree Removal Castle Cove

Even though most people are aware of the importance of trees and will try to ensure that they will stay in place for as long as possible, there are different reasons and circumstances when a tree needs to be cut down.

One of the reasons might be because the tree has become diseased and it risks infecting other nearby trees if not removed. Another reason might be because the tree has become unsafe for its surroundings and it might pose a danger to structures or people. In some cases, a tree has grown too large and is a danger for neighbouring trees and vegetation, impeding their own development or even survival. Also a cause for removing or cutting down a tree might be because the tree resides in a place where a new development has been planned and will need to be removed to give course to those plans.

At Northern Beaches Tree and Garden Services, we are specialised in removing small to large trees from any locations, including constraint places in urban areas. Our tree cutting and tree removal services are available in Castle Cove, so you can safely and efficiently have your tree removed from your property.

The difficulty in removing a tree is not in the effort in concluding the job but doing it safely for everything and everyone in the area around the tree. This is why if you need to remove a tree and you don’t have the right tools and experience, is better if you call professional arborists to help you with this task.
Safety therefore plays a vital part in a tree removal service and our experienced arborists always place safety above everything and pay close attention to the surroundings of the tree that needs to be removed when deciding which method to employ. They will take into consideration the power and telephone cables, walls, fencing, other structures on the property, or neighbouring buildings.

There are two main methods of removing a tree – the felling and lopping or dismantle method, and which one is being employed depends on the conditions and surroundings of your property.

Tree Felling Castle Cove

Tree felling is one method of removing a tree from a property, and refers to when the tree is being cut a few feet from the ground and let fall, with guidance if needs be, in a safe direction. This method can be employed only where there is enough space for the tree to fall without causing any damage.
This is a quicker method of cutting down a tree but it needs to meet the right conditions as it can otherwise be quite dangerous and damaging.

Tree Lopping Castle Cove

Tree lopping or dismantle is another method of removing a tree and it refers to when the tree is being cut down in sections, from top to bottom, allowing for a more controlled removal. This method is being used in areas where trees are close to buildings, houses and general public, or when they are surrounded by other plants or vegetation that could be harmed.
For the best results we recommend to have a professional arborist assess the area and advice for the best way to remove your tree.

Tree Trimming Castle Cove

Northern Beaches Tree and Garden Services offer highly specialised and efficient tree trimming services in the Castle Cove area. Our specialists help re-shape a grown tree, to give it the appearance you wish for, or eliminate any hindrance its growth might cause.

Tree trimming is the process of cutting or reducing in size branches of a tree, to improve the appearance and health of the tree, or re-shape its form.

The main activities included in tree trimming services are:

  • Cleaning – Involves the removal of all the diseased, dying or dead branches of a tree, as well as any crossing branches, with the scope of improving its look and health.
  • Crown Reduction – Consists of a precise cutting of branches of a tree, meant to reduce the size of its crown, while preserving its natural shape. Crown reduction is usually needed when a tree has become too large for its environment, or too close to a house or other structures.
  • Crown Raising – Is the process of cutting all low hanging branches that might become an obstacle for pedestrians or vehicles. This is mostly required for trees in public places, but also on private properties if the tree resides in a highly circulated place.
  • Crown Thinning – Involves a specialist cutting of a portion of the crown of a tree, to gain more exposure the sunlight. This is mostly employed when a tree blocks the view of a house, or has grown too large, impeding the light to penetrate through its crown.

Tree Pruning Castle Cove

Tree pruning is a similar service to tree trimming, the main difference is that is being applied to young trees that have not completely developed, therefore offering the possibility of influencing their shape and development. The proper pruning of a young tree will not only help the tree develop in a desired shape, but also improving its strength and general health.

Tree pruning can also be dangerous to a tree and in some cases result in severe damage or even death of the tree if not done rightly.

Do not gamble with the life of your tree; if you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience, call the specialists. We have helped many trees in the Castle Cove area to grow into the strong, appealing trees you can admire today. This is why you should trust us to help your tree grow healthy and vigorous with our tree pruning Castle Cove services, so that you can enjoy it for as many years as possible.

Land Clearing Services Castle Cove

Northern Beaches Tree and Garden Services can handle small as well as large scale projects, for residential or commercial properties.

Our team knows the importance of a proper land clearing, which will allow the property to be used at its full potential. We offer high quality and safe solutions tailored to your needs and property/land.

Furthermore, we employ environmental friendly methods that will not interfere with the neighbouring sites or properties.

Stump Grinding Castle Cove

If you need to remove a stump from your property in Castle Cove, trust our experienced team to get you rid of the unsightly stump and permit a quick re-use of the ground.

Our professional arborists can apply different methods for stump removal, but we do recommend removing your stump using a stump grinder. The reasons for opting for stump grinding are because it is the most environmentally safe method to use, safe and efficient.

At Northern Beaches Tree and Garden Services, we can completely and quickly remove the tree stump and the root system through stump grinding, allowing for replanting and reinstatement.

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    We have used Northern Beaches Tree and Garden Services for all our tree trimming and tree removal needs for a number of years. They have all the equipment and experienced guys to handle any job.

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